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Why choose SoloFleet Balancing Scooter

• SoloFleet Scooters are electric-powered, which is almost noiseless, eco-friendly and cost-friendly.
• SoloFleet Scooters are easy to operate and great fun to ride on yourself or with friends and families.
• SoloFleet Electric Scooters are the best mate of public and private transportation.

Its small size allows you to put it in your car, on bus, or to your office or fitness center etc. 

Portable SoloFleet Scooters

Solofleet delivers the best quality electric hoverboards to worldwide with free shipping, one-year warranty, and refund and return guarantee. We supply a variety of scooter models in different colours to cater for life lover and scooter enthusiastic fans.

Browse our shop and choose a hoverboard suiting your personality and lifestyle.